Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekly Update

So life is good. This will be a short one. We had our last mission conference this past week. It was a great way for my last conference to be like. We only have zone conference every other transfer so these were my last. But O how great they were. I am so lucky to be able to have 3 weeks of all day all mission conference for my final conference. It was wonderful. I will miss these meetings. Zone conferences are my favorite meetings on a mission. Maybe besides the temple. I love the temple. But mission and zone conferences are awesome.

This coming week we have a lot to do. Our area is wonderful but sadly many people have chosen not to meet with us anymore and we have stopped visiting some others. There is a lot of true potential. Just as with my past two areas. This area is a great one and the members are more than willing to do missionary work. We have an exchange 4x times a week for two hours each and this next month we will still have that but one of us will be with a member in their home teaching one of their friends or home teaching families that they have invited over. The member work here is wonderful. The best that I have seen in my mission. They want to share the gospel and love coming out with us. We are just in the process of continually building our area and bringing more and more people closer to the Lord.

It has been a busy week. We have a lot that we are trying to accomplish. Several of our progressing investigators are doing very well. Bro. John Adams is getting very close to baptism. He has been meeting with us for a while and because of medical reasons has not been able to get out to church very often. But his heart is right. He wants to do what the Lord wants him to do. He is a humble man and is easy to love. I love teaching him. He wants to follow Christ in all things. We just hope that his medical issues will be able to be taken care of soon or at least more bearable.

Elder Moreno is a good missionary. I don’t think that I talk about him enough. He is a far better missionary than I was at his age in the mission. He knows how to talk with people and remembers things. He is still learning some things but he wants to do what is right and already is able to handle a lot of responsibility. His trainer taught him well. He is number 7 in a family of 10. As opposed to me not having such a big family. So it has been a transition for him to not be living with a ton of people. He is a people person and likes being around a lot of people. I am the same way. I don’t like doing stuff alone. I never have.

I love you all and i am sorry that this is so short. I love you and have a great week. The gospel is true, and go to the temple. It is the house of the Lord and no matter how many times we have been there before it will bring further happiness into your life. I can barely live without the temple and the spirit that I feel there. I think of it often and quite frequently go through the things that take place there in my mind. The temple is so important. Just as important as the chapel is for the sacrament so is the temple for its ordinances. I love the temple.



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