Monday, February 14, 2011

Sienna Plantation

New Address

010 Indian point
Missouri City, TX

We live with members here in the ward. The Stone family. It is a nice place. We live just south of Sugar Land so the area is a lot more fancy than any of my past areas. Even Friendswood. There are some huge houses here and a lot of more rich communities. It is not largely developed for how large our area is but there are many people. we have a large teaching pool and a lot of great recent converts in the ward. The missionary before me trained Elder Moreno. So this is his second transfer in the field. He is a great missionary and will go far on his mission. He is already very obedient and hard working. He loves the people and does his best. He has been a little stressed with taking over the area but that passes with time. We are already great friends and work very well together. I love Elder Walker but we had a challenge in teaching with each other. Sometimes it just wouldn't match up as well as we would hope. I miss him though. And the whole area of Broadway South.

We went back to Broadway this past Saturday for a baptism. Isaac Chavez and his daughter Aleisha were baptized in the Broadway 1st ward. I taught them almost the whole time that I was in the ward and I was so happy to see a part member family become an all member family. My whole mission has been part member families and member referrals. We found them by street contacting and started teaching the family. They are so strong in their testimonies and I am so happy for them.

This are is great. I haven't been able to work here for too long. I went on exchanges with Elder Breeze, now the zone leader, and planned another day and had church another day. So I have not had a straight day of work.

Our district leader is awesome. I have known him for a while. His name is Elder Cui. He is from mainland China and is 24 years old. He is a Chinese speaking missionary and is so hardworking. His family and he are converts to the church in China. i find that sooo cool. There is no proselytizing in China and I forget how his family found the gospel.

We have a lot to do here. There are some less-active members that we are trying to help re-activate and some new approaches to our meals. We are trying to have a non-member or at least a less-active to all of our meal appointments. It has been interesting trying to get the members on board but it is a great tool. We did it a lot in Broadway and had some really great experiences come form it.

One last quick note. We will be having a mission conference for the next three weeks every Thursday to train the mission as a whole on the fundamentals of Preach My gospel that the brethren have put out. It is going to be soooo great to see so many missionaries that I have not seen in what seems to be ages. I will get to see them for three weeks and see them all one last time.

I look forward to what this next week brings. I have been changing alot these past few months. I might have already said that. I have a lot that I love and my heart just doesn't let me go back on some things. i have been experiencing somewhat a change of heart. At least a potion. I love it. This mission is so great. The greatest gift that I have ever been given besides my family. I am just so happy all of the time. A mission is so much fun and so edifying. I still have a lot of time left to bring more people to Christ. Because that is what we do. i am not out here to baptize people. i am here to help all to have a spiritual conversion to the Lord and to his gospel.

I love you all and have a great week. Send me mail. :)





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