Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mission Conference 1

It was so cool. So great to see so many missionaries that I have not seen it what seems to be ages. And it will happen three weeks in a row. The meeting this last Thursday was from 7:30am to 6:00pm. With several quick breaks and a lunch. It was a long but great day. I learned so much and gained a lot from the meeting. President Saylin talked about the sacrament again and how important it is for all of us. He also spoke on the reverence we should have during the sacrament within ourselves. I had a great day on Sunday because of the things which he spoke on.

During the mission conference was a focus on several points. Teaching investigators some simple yet profound things that can help them progress in the gospel. The teachings were on. Revelation through prayer, revelation through church attendance, and revelation through the Book of Mormon. It was a focus on helping our investigators to receive revelation in each of these categories. That is why we are told to do each of them as members of the church because it is when we do these things that we receive personal revelation. Sometimes thinking about personal revelation frustrates me in the sense that so many people don’t have faith that it can happen.

This week just about every person who I talked to i asked if they would meet with us and pray to know if what we have told them is true. If there is a prophet today, if the Book of Mormon is true, or if the church made by Christ is back on the earth, or if God even exists. Hardly anyone understands what we say to them. We are telling them that they can receive personal revelation and have a direct answer on a specific question right from the Lord. Why would you not want an experience like that? I cannot understand why a good person who believes in the Lord would not want to do that or play it off like it is just something that the Mormons say. It is serious and it is amazing. There is no other organization on the earth that tells you that you can and should pray and ask the Lord if what we tell and preach is the truth. I love it! I have prayed and I know that these things are true. I know that Christ lives and that he does today the same that he has always done in sending his messengers to the earth. Like the prophets and apostles and that he loves us enough to let us know form him which messengers are from Him and which ones are not from Him. I know that whoever asks with a sincere heart and with real intent to act upon the answer received ,whatever that answer may be, they will receive a witness and an answer from God. I have received an answer that Joseph Smith was a prophet chosen by the Lord to be his mouthpiece. I also know that Brigham Young and every prophet since has been chosen by the Lord. If you have not received an answer if these things are true I would ask you to think about what i have said and to pray and ask if these things are true with a willingness to leave your comfort zone and do what will bring you the most happiness. Even if it is hard. I know that God knows what will make us happy better than we do.

I love you all and this week was a little rougher but this coming week look promising. I love Elder Morenpo and his willingness to serve and to work in this area. There is a lot to do and a lot of people that we are going to be visiting. I also look forward to the second meeting of our mission conference this week. I love you all and thank you for all of the help which you have given to me.



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