Monday, May 10, 2010


There is not a whole lot to report besides the phone call that we made yesterday to our families. That was great. I loved hearing from my family and I like to hear that they are doing well. Luckily we can still communicate through letters and stuff so that is great. Happy Mothers Day to all of you mothers who work so hard and are such great people.
This week was slow. Elder Jensen got sick the end of last week and has been battling it for the past week. Sister Saylin told him to stay inside and don't do anything for 3 days. So I luckily got to go out with some other missionaries on exchanges so we could teach a little bit but for the most part I have been in the apartment. I have done a lot of studying this week which has been awesome. The Lord is helping my knowledge of the scriptures and what they really mean a whole lot. Especially this past week. Elder Jensen is feeling much better now and we have been working the past few days like normal.
We had a crawfish boil yesterday at the Mcown's home. It was great. They are such nasty looking little creatures but they taste really good. I love Cajun food. It and BBQ are the best. I am trying to learn how to cook well like the Texans. Hopefully I pick up on some of the styles of their food preparation.
Sorry this email will be short and rather boring. That has been the past week besides yesterday But there have been some cool things that have happened. We went out with the ex-stake president Pres. Martin. He is a great teacher and now he is a sealer in the temple. We had some wonderful lessons with him. He is able to teach with power and has been a great help and fellow shipper for a number of our investigators. He is such a great guy. This week he will be going out with us a few times in the evenings. I love that guy.
Also on Monday we had another Nerf war. It was a lot of fun and we had a blast. Our district and the Lake Jackson district got together and we had fun. I didn't take any pictures this time cuz I left my camera at home.
I am at a loss for what to day. My brain is in a stupor. There just aren't very many stories to tell from this past week.
IT has been hot this week. the temperature has been around the mid 80's. It kills ya when the humidity is high but it isn't that bad. You get used to it pretty fast. I am also happy not to be on a bike for the summer.
Well that is about it. Everything else is pretty boring. Oh there is one story I can share. So we were driving to a member's home in Lake Jackson. We turned off the main road and drove into this neighborhood. The road kind of passes through a park. In the park right next to a tree is a racoon. This is at 3:00pm in the afternoon. It was crazy. At first I thought it was a large cat but it was for sure a racoon. It slowly walked over to the tree then climbed it. We were both shocked about the whole situation. This area isn't even out in the country it is pretty developed. It was funny. Again I didn't have my camera on me so I didn't get a picture.
I love you all and I will make sure this week fun stuff happens. With Elder Jensen feeling better we will be out more and we will be teaching a lot more so this week will be full of things that I can talk about in an email.
Elder Devon J. Marr

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