Monday, May 17, 2010


This week was a good one. It is scorching hot and humid today. The sun just seems to beat on you when you are outside. I have been sweating like crazy. You can feel the heat the second you walk out the door. Luckily earlier this week we had our first real rain. It rained really hard and there was a thunderstorm. Our car almost got stuck in a driveway of an investigator because it is gravel and it got all muddy. The rain just covered everything. Many missionaries this transfer are volunteering to be on bikes the whole transfer but our area is too big. I just can;t imagine what being on a bike would be like in rain like that. We probably got a good few inches in a few hours. It just rains so hard.

There have been many sick missionaries in our mission, including President Saylin. We saw him yesterday and he sounded terrible. Elder Jensen is feeling much better, but he is not feeling nearly as bad as President Saylin. From what it sounds like he has been sick for weeks now. I hope he gets feeling better soon.

So I will give you all a funny story. So we were walking around talking to people and just walking around. There was a man in his car with his windows down so I went over to talk with him in this parking lot. I walked up and bent over and talked with him or a few minutes. Right before our conversation was over I heard something hit the top of the car. I got splattered in the face with whatever it was. I thought it was someone throwing an egg or something. But I look and I see on the top of this mans car bird poop. IT was disgusting. We ran inside the store right by where we were and I washed my face off and got the splatter off of my clothes. I normally do not get mad on my mission but this made me fuming. I got over it and went back to work but it was soooo gross.

There really isn't much to talk about this week. I always hope t hat something cool or random is going to happen but not much different stuff than usual. We had a couple of really great lessons this week. In one of them we watched a church movie called "To this end was I born." It was really good. I hadn't seen it in a long time. It is very powerful and the spirit was strong while watching it. The church has made some very powerful videos and movies in the past 10 years.

Sorry this is always so general. Life is good but there hasn't been anything crazy this week. Besides all the rain everything has gone by pretty normally. I continue to love my mission and teaching the gospel. Elder Jensen is a great companion and friend. He will either be leaving the end of this transfer or he will be staying the next two transfers to end his mission. Part of me hopes he stays because he is a great missionary but part of me wants him to be able to end the rest of his mission in a Spanish area instead of an English one. He loves speaking Spanish and speaks it very well. Part of me wishes that I could have been a Spanish missionary but that is not what the Lord wanted for me.

I have loved my time in Angleton already. It is so much fun and it is a great area. There is of course a part of me that misses my last area and is still in love with it. But Angleton is great. Thanks to all of you for your letters and your support. I love you all and I hope that you have a great week this week.



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