Monday, May 3, 2010

An eventful week

This week was full of events and things out of the normal. However, it was a good week. First I will talk about the weather, it has been in the high to low 80's this week. Yesterday with the humidity it was almost unbearably hot outside. But I am lucky to be in a car area for this transfer at least. It is beautiful though. Lots of sun and no clouds. It is hot but I am more used to it than I was last year. I have had time to prepare for it I guess. It is hot though.

So some of the events of this week. I think that I am going to tell some of the events of this week in order so that I can tell them all. Of course this week we had a lot of lessons some of which were very very great. I love the spirit and having the spirit in the lesson powerfully. We had a lesson last night that brought the spirit very strongly into the room and it was a great experience. Apart from the regular stuff, here are the events.

First off in the beginning of this week we had an exchange with the Zone Leaders for a day. I went with Elder Carol in their area. the area they are in is Wharton. An hour away. The drive seems like you travel across a state because there is nothing on either sides of the road the whole way. Just open space. It was a great exchange. Their town is rather small and very country. Their church building is the smallest building I have ever seen. It is ridiculously small. But they don't have very many members in their area so it is just the right size. We had a good time and worked hard. We met alot of people who only spoke Spanish so when we taught them Elder Carol had to carry most of the conversation in teaching because he speaks Spanish. My Spanish has improved but it is not very good. I can understand alot of stuff but I don't know how to speak it at all.

After the exchange on Tuesday we got back into regular missionary life. Except Elder Jensen got sick and that owed everything down this week. Luckily he is feeling much better and has been able to get over whatever he had. As a missionary being sick is 10 times worse than at home. You have alot to do and you want to preach the gospel. On top of that you can't lay there and watch TV or anything you have to just lay there and it gets really boring.

So the next event would be interviews with President Saylin in Alvin about 45 minutes away. That was great and I care for President Saylin very much. He is a great man. It was also my year mark that day. MY YEAR MARK!!!!!!! I cannot believe that I have been out for a year. It feels like I just came out here. It is sooo crazy. It still isn't hitting me yet that I am a year into my mission. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! A year. Wow. I can't handle thinking about it. It is too crazy.

So back to the events of the week. Next we have Zone meeting. That was on Friday. It was in Bay City an hour away. I got to see some great missionaries I haven't seen in a while and some new missionaries that I have heard about. It was a good meeting and we had a good time. That took up alot of the day. The meeting and the travel.

Next we have Patience Stoddard's baptism. She is someone I taught the whole time while in Friendswood. It was awesome. That was on Saturday. Oh ya it was an hour and 20 minutes away. I loved it sooo much. I was so thankful the whole time that she has made these steps in her life to change and has seen the blessings of the gospel. When I first started teaching them they were kind of happy at times but not filled with joy. Now I see them and they are always happy and their family is sooo strengthened. They have found such peace in the gospel and so much joy in living the gospel. It was a privilege to be able to serve the Lord and be a tool in His hands to help share the gospel with them. I love the Lord so much for all that he has done for these people in Texas and that he has answered my prayers and helped those who had faith in Him. It was soooo awesome. I took several pictures that I will be able to send home soon.

Also church. That takes up alot of time. On Sunday after our services we went to the Brazoria branch. Elder Jensen is the district leader and he wanted to see what is was like. They have a very small branch. They meet in an old store. It is part of a strip mall that the church is renting. There were 20 people. 8 of them adults. There were two Melchizedek priesthood holders besides the missionaries in the sacrament meeting. It was small and it was alot different but the spirit was the same even though it was so small. The Brazoria Elders have alot of challenges and they work so hard and have such great faith. I love to see their example and their hard work.

I love you all and I look forward to being able to call home Mother's Day. Thank you for the support and the prayers and the letters.


Elder Devon J. Marr

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