Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm getting transferred

The title says it all. There is a very large part of me that wants to stay here real bad. There are alot of great missionaries, investigators, and members here that I love quite a bit. Especially some great friendships that I have developed. I will miss so many people. I have no idea where I will be and will let you all know the good details when I get to my new area. So this week until you hear otherwise send mail to the mission office because I am leaving. I have a hunch that I will be sent out into the country. I would love that. It would be so great. It is sad that I was only with Elder Johnson for one transfer. He is a great missionary and I will miss him very much.

So that is transfers. I don't want to talk about it more than that. Elder Jones is sitting next to me right now and we were just talking about how we both have almost been out a year. That is crazy!! It truly feels like I have been out for maybe a month but parts of it feel like forever. Also there are some great missionaries leaving. Elder Nielsen my former zone leader. Elder Maw a former zone leader. Elder Garcia my former companion, and Elder Wang who has been in my district for two transfers. Elder Wang talked to us on Friday about some touching stuff.

Elder Wang talked to us about a mission. He hit the head on the nail when he said that our journey out here is not to just be missionaries or ministers or to preach the gospel but to develop ourselves into disciples of Jesus Christ. That means a lot to me. Something in the word disciple is big. It means responsibility but it also means great trust and love from the Savior. When you are on your mission there are many times that you feel about an inch high. Heavenly Father at times reminds you that it is Him that is doing this work and we are just the tools in His hands if we let ourselves be. I love my mission sooooo much. There have already been so many blessings that I have received and I have been able to learn so much in this short year of my mission.

So a little about the past week. It has been in the high 70's and yesterday was the first rain in a LONG time. I was actually very happy that it rained. It hasn't been that bad on bikes. I hope that my next area is in a car though for the summer. That would not be fun.

This week things have been slow. Not bad but slow. Many people busy and just not home. But we have had a good week. We have someone getting baptized in a few weeks and her husband this week agreed to prepare himself to progress int he priesthood.(He is already a deacon) That will be cool. He will be able to baptize her and they will feel the love of the Lord. There have been some great blessings that have been given to those in this area. there have been some trials for some of our investigators as well. ONe names John Kanon is getting a surgery this week on his back. Every time he starts to do something to get closer to the Lord the more things get in his way. It is rough for him but he is holding on just fine. I have learned much while here in Friendswood. Especially in my studies. I will miss this place just like I miss Rosenberg. It feels like I will be leaving part of myself behind here.

I love you all and I wish that this week goes great for everyone. I will be sending home pictures hopefully today so you will be able to see them if they get uploaded.



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