Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MTC Week 2

Hello there!!! All goes well at the MTC. I love it here. There have been to many experiences to even start writing. Time is something I wish I had more of. It flies but at the same time moves really slowly. I miss you all so much but I know that I am here to help others and do God's work. I hope that all of you don't miss me too much cuz I will be back before ya know it.

Yesturday we were blessed to here from Russell M. Nelson. It was wonderful. I actually got a pretty decent seat. I was about 100 ft. away. It was awesome. He spoke of baptism and helping others with the spirit. I love hearing from the Apostles. I am so blessed to hear from them 2 weeks in a row. He told us that we need to spend time once a week finding scriptures of Christ's ministry and to pray and read about them for our studies. I think that this applies to all of you as well.

I have learned so much I can hardly convey the things which I have learned. I am starting to get more homesick but I will be alright. I hope that all of you are having a wonderful time. Thank you everyone who sent me letters and who have read my emails!! It means alot to know that you guys care about me and how I am doing. I hope that everyone's lives are going well.

Answers come in many shapes and forms. One of the best sources of answers to questions you don't really even realize you have are found through prayerful scripture study. It really does help. Being here really makes me realize that there is a God who has a plan and directs us. He knows us and cares about us more than we can care about anything. It really is amazing. The spirit is strong here. There are so many good people who would never be friends unless in this environment. It realy opens your eyes. I feel so much more accountable and mature than ever before and I know that it is because of the spirit helping me become a better person. Being here there is absolutally no doubt that God lives and that Jesus Christ is our savior and that this church is the ture church of God.

To end my remarks I would like to say that I love you all and that I miss you. I hope that you all are working hard and having a great time. Dont become distracted by unnecessary things. There are alot in this world. Focus upon what will make you a better person and then do it. Also I challenge all those who can go to the temple to go within the next 30 days. It will bless you. For those who cannot attend, read the scriptures and pray about them if they are true and you will get an answer. I promise you that. Thank you for taking interest in my mission. It means alot to me. Just remember to not get worried or discouraged but go to work.
I love you all.

Sincerely, Elder Marr

P.S. mail takes 4 days to get here. Don't send anything to me that won't get here by Monday. I will be in Houston. Ask my parents for the mailing address if you do not have it. Thank you!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! He is going out in the field already?! WOW!

  2. First of all, creating this blog was an awesome idea and I am grateful for it! I'm excited to see how much Devon is growing and will grow! I'm glad to know he's doing well!