Monday, December 7, 2009


That’s right boys and girls snow! It snowed on Friday in the morning and afternoon. In the morning it stuck on the ground and covered it with a small layer. Then in the afternoon it snowed very hard but didn’t stick much. The snowflakes were very large and it was very cold. I took plenty of pictures so you can all see the snow. I will send them home soon. It was the earliest snowfall in Houston in recorded history. Thanks “global warming”.

So this week was all right. It rained allot and many people were busy or out of town. It was slower but it was good. One of our investigators is showing a lot of interest in the church and is willing to try it out. She came to mutual on Wednesday and liked it. It was one of the first times that a younger person has done something they said they would do. It built my faith. Not to say that younger people are flakey or anything but people get busy and usually religion gets put on the back burner. Her parents are not that interested in the church and are very catholic. But the spirit can touch anyone. There is a member in our ward who wad married a member for I believe 20 years and he said that he would never join the church and Catholics were right. He was like this for a long time and would run away from the missionaries. Then a few years ago the spirit touched his heart and he joined the church and loves having the Holy Ghost and the blessings of the gospel. His wife told us that she did not want to pressure him and he should join because the Lord told him it was right not that she told him. It is true that anyone can change because of the Holy Ghost and the change it can bring to your heart.

So last Monday we had a nerf war in the gym of the Alvin church. Our whole zone showed up and it was a blast. Some of the missionaries borrowed Nerf guns from members that had been modified and they dominated. It was fun.

SO this week I got my haircut. Elder Robertson cut it for me and I like it more than when I go to cheap hair salons. It is shorter than it has ever been but I like it. My hair got pretty long for being a missionary. But I got it cut so it is good now. Elder Robertson cut his hair as well. On a completely different note the Oliver family in our ward has a son that just got sent home from his mission on medical leave for 2 months. He is a really nice kid. His name is Rhett Oliver and he has been driving us around lately. He is taking us to lunch today actually which will be awesome. There are some nice restaurants around here. A lot more Italian than in Rosenberg. Anyways He is very nice and has put my mission in a different perspective. I would never want to go home from my mission early! He doesn’t like it and he can’t do much except watch TV. If I got sent home for a time on medical leave I would read as many books to find answers for people as I could. Like parts of the “journal of discourses” or “Mormon Doctrine” or “Day of defense”(I think)
They are literature I can’t read that I will when I get home. He is helping us a lot and I am glad that he is willing to still be as much a missionary as he can be.

I really loved the devotional last night. If you missed it they should play it again sometime on BYUTV or have it on I loved it. President Uchdorf’s talk was my favorite but they were all great. The music was great as well like always.

I love you all and I am sorry that this email is so much shorter than usual. There was not much that has happened this week. But next week will be a lot more busy and we will be having our ward Christmas party this Saturday. I am really looking forward to that.


Elder Devon Joel Marr

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